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PIN3: Pioneering the GPU Frontier

Our Vision & Team Member


Our vision is to offer users a highly efficient, cost-effective, and scalable GPU compute service that caters to their increasing AI demands. We strive to revolutionize the AI industry by optimizing GPU resource utilization and fostering a collaborative environment for AI training and related fields. Thank you for your interest in PIN3, and we look forward to making significant contributions to the advancement of AI technology.

Josh, Founder and CEO

Master's degree in Computer Science

Lead the team to establish a GPU compute platform on the BNB chain to meet the growing demand for GPU computing, and participate in designing high-performance computer vision algorithms.

Worked as Chief Technology Officer for 6 years in an AI Tech Company, designed and implemented algorithms and frameworks to optimize large-scale language model training and generation, and developed tools and libraries to facilitate the programming and fine-tuning of AI large language models.

Thomas, Founder and CTO

Master's Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering
Develop high-performance computer vision algorithms, optimizing their execution efficiency on GPUs, and contribute to the development of an AI training platform, providing users with distributed GPU computing power.
Worked as Technical Director for 4 years in a software company, designed and implemented reliable and efficient online business system architectures to ensure product stability and scalability, and updated the software development process ensuring adherence to quality standards and best practices.

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